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A Unique Taste

A mix of handpicked premium ingredients, special recipes, and a lot of love. It is nothing like any traditional taste you have had before. Prepare yourself for new adventure on your gourmet voyage.

Healthy only

Made without any preservatives. Supplied with a nutrition sheet.
We care too about calories!


We produce only limited quantities on daily basis, so grab it while you can!



It may look like the classic food, but we promise you it is totally different. Try and be the judge!


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Customers Reviews

I love it so much. It is heavens. Literally it's heavens! The taste is so good, and so is the dipping sauce. I love it.
It is better than anything similar I tasted before.
Zeina A.
Wonderful! I give it 9/10. I would like to order more right away. The packaging is so magnificient. It is extremely delicious!
Dina Y.
It is amazing! I tried the brownies and I keep talking about them all day to everyone I meet. Oh, the crispiness and the metling chocolate chips!
Sara A.
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